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Labeling Requirement as per Food Safety and Standard Regulation In India 1. The Labelling Language should be as per FSS Regulation 2011. 2. The name, trade name or description of food contained in the package. 3. The name of the ingredients used in the product in descending order of their composition by weight or volume as the case may be. 4. Declaration of "Vegetarian" or "Non-Vegetarian" by symbol of "Vegetarian" or "Non-Vegetarian". 5. The name and complete address of the manufacturer and manufacturing unit. 6. In case where article of food is imported into India, The name and complete address of the importer in India. 7. The net weight or number or measure of volume of contents. 8. Batch number or Lot number or Code number. 9. The month and year in which the commodity is manufactured or packed. 10. Declaration of "Best Before" date on the package. It can also be expressed in terms of number of months before the best before date. 11. The nutritional information or nutritional facts per 100gm or 100ml of per serving of the product shall be given in the label. 12. Vegetable fats are not permitted in the chocolate under FSS Regulations 2011. For More Detail Contact us at MAS Services ( A Consultancy Company) Kritika Ph - 9810957767 Disclaimer: Please note that this website is not affiliated with FSSAI or any other Government Body.